Are you really going to do it?

Happy New Year from all of us at The Wellness Institute of Florida!

Historically ‘New Years’ have always been reminders of fresh starts and making traditional “New Year’s Resolutions.”  But how often do we REALLY carry out our resolutions long term? When has a New Year’s resolution actually changed your life in a positive way? Research has shown that about 50% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and only about 8% end up achieving them, much like fad diets (which don’t work by the way)...  These numbers are not very encouraging are they?  So how can we become our best in 2019?

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Tell Me, Why Horses and Therapy?

Our Equine Psychotherapist shared with us why she chooses to incorporate horses and therapy.

Angie began loving horses at a very young age. If there was a horse anywhere in her vicinity, that’s where you would find her. It was a passion that ignited from her first encounter. Horses have been a part of her life since early childhood. The barn has always served as a sanctuary for her to be herself and not worry about the stressors of life.  It is an understatement to say that Angie was ecstatic when she discovered her daughter shares her passion for horses. After purchasing their daughter her first horse in 2012, it was blatantly clear to her that horses and humans have an incredible relational connection. The experience of their growing relationship with each other and interactions really touched her spirit.  Angie experienced first hand and by witnessing her daughter’s experience that horses were non-judgmental, relational and acutely aware of their surroundings. Horses are always present and mindful. All of which she recognized were perfect ingredients for facilitating therapy.

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Katrina Ann Ventola
Help I can’t Breathe!!

I was in the car driving, trying to imagine myself in a field out in the country with abundant space surrounding me. For a minute I was able to keep the image in my head, but in a flash the field was gone and I became hyper-aware that I was in fact in the city, with a mass of cars and people all around. When this occurred everything began to compress, suffocating me, as life itself seemed to condense to a finite point.

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