A dynamic approach to lifelong wellness

The Wellness Institute of Florida

Our mission is to provide discerning individuals with a distinctive Concierge Experience


What We Do

We are committed to providing you with a true concierge line of clinical and holistic care designed to promote wellness and lifelong happiness

By understanding and respecting the idea that no two people are alike, our vision is to help you embrace and honor your individuality as you navigate the often challenging circumstances that IS life. Mindfully as we lead by example, and each one of us (including our clients) gets to practice this daily in our lives, we are confident there will be an overall rise in your personal happiness and our hope is ultimately universal wellness.  

Meet The Team

Salima and Katrina chose to start the Wellness Institute of Florida for many reasons


The Wellness Approach

Our approach is unique and our concierge line of care is designed to create a dynamic and ever-evolving wellness plan to move you from stagnation into motion.


The Wellness Menu

You may find the concept of a ‘Menu’ to be unorthodox and perhaps even quirky. Let us explain the analogy: Food is a universal language. It is as necessary as it is diverse - transcends race, culture and ethnicity.

Office Visits by Appointment Only

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Telephone: 561-316-8254